A Deadly Herb Hits Prime Time

One advantage to having a TiVo is the fact that I can watch a TV show when it’s convenient to watch, not just when the show airs. So with that in mind, I just watched the second episode of a new series on CBS. The show is called Eleventh Hour and I’m not sure yet if I like it enough to recommend it, but I admit that the second episode was MUCH better than the premiere was.

In episode 1.02, the seriously smart science-guy and his hottie female FBI sidekick were called in to figure out why several 11-year-old boys had suddenly died of heart attacks in the same small town. After a lot of investigation, including that of poisonous toads, the pair arrived at the culprit – fox glove. Fox glove is a purple-flowered herb that grows wild in the woods. It’s extremely poisonous if used improperly. If a person knows what they are doing, it can be used to make Digitalis, a powerful medicine for heart problems.

There’s a video clip on the CBS site that shows the team finding the fox glove. Believe it or not, the killer turned out to be a boy genius who was killing off his classmates…I don’t want to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched it yet.

But the interesting part was the woman in the town who grew herbs of all kinds with which to make and sell herbal medicines, such as the digitalis.

I think it’s cool how the idea of medicines being made from plants is gaining such credibility. In earlier generations, it was just taken for granted that medicines were taken from plants. But then “modern” medicine convinced so many for so long that only chemically created medicines were good. I’m glad the awareness is returning.

But as this program illustrates, some herbs are not to be played with at all. And if one doesn’t know what they are doing, those dangerous herbs can kill. So be very cautious when harvesting and using herbs!! It’s important to give them the proper respect for their power. Find out much more about fox glove here.

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