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Scientific Names


Acai Tree

  • Euterpe oleraceae

Common Names

  • Acai berry
  • Acai palm
  • Cabbage palm
  • Palm berry

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Parts Usually Used

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Description of Plant(s) and Culture


Acai Berries

The acai plam tree grows to a height of up to 60 feet. The berries are about the size of blueberries and are dark purple. The taste is a cross between chocolate and red wine.
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Where Found

Acai berries grow on the acai palm tree that grows in the Brazilian ranforests.
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Medicinal Properties

In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that acai has antiinflammatory, antioxidant, and apoptotic effects.
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Biochemical Information

  • Acai Fruit
    • Flavonoids: Anthocyanins (ACNs), Proanthocyanidins (PACs)
    • Fatty acids: Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid
  • Acai Seed
    • Procyanidins, Protocatechruic acid, Epicatechin

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Acai has shown promising results in studies as an atioxidant, an anti-inflamatory and it seems to help prevent cancer. It also seems promising in tests as an MRI contrast agent.
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How Sold

Juice, powder & capsules
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Acai may interact harmfully with other cancer-fighting medications, and if you are on chemotherapy, it could interfere with the chemo medications. Consult your oncologist befoer taking acai.
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