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We are not suggesting that you ignore the help of trained medical professionals, simply that you have additional options available for treating illnesses. Often the most effective treatment involves a responsible blend of both modern and traditional treatments.

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Prickly Lettuce

Scientific Names

Prickly Lettuce

  • Lactuca scariola L.
  • Lactuca virosa L.
  • Composite family

Common Names

  • Wild lettuce

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Parts Usually Used

Leaves, sap
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Description of Plant(s) and Culture

Annual or biennial; 2-7 feet tall.  Leaves oblong to lance-shaped or dandelion-like but prickly; margins with weak spines.  Flowers yellow, dandelion-like.  July to October.
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Where Found

Waste places in the United States.  Originally from Europe.
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Medicinal Properties

Hypnotic, sedative, lowers blood sugar levels
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Native Americans used leaf tea to stimulate milk flow; diuretic.  Also used to combat insomnia.  Lowers blood sugar levels.  Culpeper says he knows no use for the lettuce root.
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Do not drive or operate machinery, may cause drowsiness.

Excessive doses may cause insomnia or increased sexual drive.

May cause dermatitis or internal poisoning.
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