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(ringing or buzzing in the ear)
(Tinnitus aurium)


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Tinnitus aurium is the ringing, tinkling, buzzing, or other sounds in the ear. Found in certain diseases of the exterior, middle, or inner ear. Also called sonitus. The sensation of noises in one or both ears; associated with disease in the middle ear, in the inner, or the central auditory apparatus. Pronunciation according to Taber’s Medical Dictionary: Tinnitus, tin-i (long I) -tus
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Impacted ear-wax; ear inflammation or infection, sound pollution, obstruction of the ear, hysteria are some of the causes. Also follows overdosage of drugs such as quinine and saliclylates including aspirin. Treatment of the underlying causes usually will stop the noises.

Synonym: Sonitus
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Ginkgo biloba is reported by Earl Mindell’s Herb Bible to relieve symptoms of tinnitus such as noises in the ear and vertigo (dizziness).

With the sesame seed remedy, which is said to be very effective, the seeds are thoroughly ground into a powder and mixed into a paste with honey (the mixture is eaten as a candy called halva in the Middle East) and 2 tsp. are taken daily. Or 2 tsp. may be made into a candy and refrigerated to be eaten daily. There is a halva bar on the market; care should be taken as to its contents. Some manufacturers use sugars instead of honey.

Also, a recommended treatment for tinnitus is to combine oil of Roses and oil of Savory, warm slightly and apply 2 drops to each ear affected, morning and night. This is an ancient remedy, said to be very effective.
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