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A Common Plant That Helps Fight MRSA and Repels Mosquitoes and Ticks

American Beautyberry

There’s a very useful plant that may be found near your home that can help with a number of health issues. It’s a pretty plant that grows in woods and thickets all across Southern North America. In fact, it’s often used as an ornamental plant. This plant is the American Beautyberry.

One of the world’s most dangerous beings is the common mosquito. The bites of these creatures spread numerous, sometimes life-threatening diseases worldwide in addition to being just plain annoying. And hikers know that ticks carry a number of nasty diseases too, for example Lyme Disease. Studies have shown that applying Beautyberry to the skin or to clothing is an effective deterrent for mosquito and tick bites. This seems like a much better option than using toxic chemicals found in over-the-counter bug repellants. Check out the full page on Beautyberry on this site for two recipes for making your own bug repellant using Beautyberry.

But that’s not all this plant has to offer us. Recent research studies have also shown that a compound in beautyberry leaves is able to boost the effectiveness of antibiotics in treatment of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Once again, the plants around us are more than just lovely decorations.

Externally, the bark and stems were used to treat itchy skin. The berries are edible and the roots are useful, offering a number of health benefits..

For a lot more information and a recipe for making Beautyberry jelly, be sure to check out the full page on Beautyberry on this site.

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