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We are not suggesting that you ignore the help of trained medical professionals, simply that you have additional options available for treating illnesses. Often the most effective treatment involves a responsible blend of both modern and traditional treatments.

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Warts, Common


A circumscribed cutaneous elevation resulting from hypertrophy of the pupillae and epidermis. The term plantar wart is applied to a wart on pressure-bearing areas, especially the sole of the foot.
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Caused by a papillomavirus. Highly contagious, they can be spread by picking, trimming, biting, or touching them. They can also be spread on the face, underarms or legs by shaving.
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These warts can be found on the hands, feet, forearms, and face and range in size from a pinhead to a small bean. They can also occur on the voice box or the larynx and cause hoarseness. They are rough, irregular skin growths, and are caused by a virus. They may be flat or raised, dry or moist, and have a rough and pitted surface that is either flesh colored or darker than the surrounding skin. They typically do not cause pain or itching and can be left to disappear on their own unless they become bothersome.
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Vitamin B complex, 50 mg. 3 times per day, is important in normal cell multiplication.

Vitamin C, 4,000-10,000 mg. per day, has a powerful antiviral capacity.

L-Cysteine (amino acid), use as directed on the label, is needed for normal skin.

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU per day, is needed for normalizing skin and epithelial membranes.

Vitamin E, 400-800 IU per day (can be applied to common warts. Cut open a capsule or apply oil every day. Vitamin or enzyme cream can also be applied directly to common warts.)

Zinc, 50-80 mg. per day, increases immunity against viruses.

Multivitamin and mineral complex, taken as directed on the label, helps normal cell division.
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For removing common warts, some people have had good results with crushed garlic clove placed directly on the wart. Cover with a bandage for 24 hours. Blisters will form and then the warts will fall off in about a week. Applying castor oil to the wart is also successful.

Diet should include: asparagus, citrus fruits, eggs, garlic and onions, and desiccated liver tablets.

Vitamin C daily is most important in maintaining effective immunity against warts.
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Freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen and fulguration with electrical cautery are other commonly use treatments for warts. Fulguration uses heat to destroy the warts.

Remedy for plantar warts:
This type is more deeply imbedded than warts on other areas of the body. External applications of wheat germ oil or castor oil are reputed to disperse plantar warts. A pad of cotton saturated with the oil is bound on the wart at bedtime and allowed to remain on overnight. This is repeated nightly until results are achieved (generally about 3 to 4 weeks).
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