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Cancer Treatment that ‘Reboots’ Itself, Thanks to This Herb

Stinging NettleA recent research study has found that a “chemo-catalyst” found in stinging nettles can enable cancer treatments to destroy cancer cells in a new way. This chemo-catalyst is known as sodium formate, or JPC11 and is a non-toxic ingredient that can cause the treatment to convert substances used by cancer cells to reproduce into an unnatural lactate. Without the substance needed by the cancer cells, they are destroyed.

“This is a significant step in the fight against cancer. Manipulating and applying well-established chemistry in a biological context provides a highly selective strategy for killing cancer cells,” says James Coverdale, a research fellow from the chemistry department at the University of Warwick.

IN addition, this newly discovered compound can even cause the treatment to “reboot” itself, attacking the cancer cells over and over. This may eventually allow for the use of smaller doses of the cancer treatment and a reduction in the side-effects of chemotherapy.

In recent years, certain types of cancer, namely ovarian and prostate cancers, are becoming increasingly resistant to treatment. This new addition to the chemotherapy may be just the thing to overcome this resistance by attacking the cancer cells in a new way.

Another advantage to the use of this new method of treating these cancers is that the JPC11 only attacks the cancerous cells, leaving the normal, healthy cells intact. Traditional treatments can also damage healthy cells.

This research is ongoing, but shows great promise for treating cancer. And we owe it all to stinging nettles. Once again, a medicinal herb offers hope for new treatments. I will update this site as new discoveries are made on the subject. Stay tuned.

Learn more about stinging nettles here.



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