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Horse Chestnut: Possible Treatment for Lymphedema

Red Horse ChestnutA few years ago, I was contacted by someone taking part in clinical trials for the use of horse chestnut to treat their lymphedema. I did not update my mother’s research with that information then because this site only publishes information that can be substantiated with research studies or other publications. I’m very careful not to publish any information without being relatively certain of its accuracy. People’s health is involved. That’s no trivial thing.

But last evening I met someone that I hope will become a new friend. During our conversation, she shared that she deals with the very cruel and painful condition known as lymphedema. All of a sudden, those email exchanges with that person about the clinical trials popped into my head. I knew I needed to go do more research to see what the trials had shown.

I found results from several research studies of the effectiveness of horse chestnut for treating Lymphedema. Study results showed that its use reduced leg or arm circumference and helped reduce swelling overall. They also proved that the use of the horse chestnut seed extract removes the toxic components of the herb, making it much safer for use.

Horse chestnut extract can be purchased as supplements, powder and topical cream.

Be sure to go to the Horse Chestnut page of this site for its description and a complete discussion of its medicinal uses.

Resource Links

An American Society of Clinical Oncology Journal: Horse chestnut seed extract for the treatment of arm lymphedema Horse Chestnut Seed Extract for Lymphedema

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health: Cochrane Summary of Findings: Horse Chestnut Seed Extract for Chronic Venous Insufficiency

ScienceDirect: Horse chestnut – efficacy and safety in chronic venous insufficiency: an overview


1 comment to Horse Chestnut: Possible Treatment for Lymphedema

  • Dave

    I have lymphedema of feet an ankles use compression Sox and pneumatic compression booties evenings watching TV. My lower legs are discovered mid calf and feet
    I have to remove Sox as legs just below knee begin to bulge air massage booties works great
    Began running on horse chestnut 3 days ago swelling is reduced and contained natural color returning discoloration is starting to rub off mind blowing been all day shopping no sox going tomorrow no Sox. Alsovtake Echanacea, Goldenseal and Astragalus suppliment. Dave Martin

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