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Research Shows Promise of Licorice Root Compound to Fight Coronavirus

Licorice Root Tea

The current spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 is disturbing. We all want to know how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this dangerous new virus. Well, it turns out that a well-known herbal medicinal may actually be a key in the search for a treatment and potential vaccine. Licorice root contains a compound, Glycyrrhizin, that has been shown in multiple scientific studies to inhibit the ability of the SARS virus (genetically very similar to the new COVID-19 virus) to attach to cells and to grow.

Licorice root has been used for ages in ancient Egyptian medicine and also in Indian Ayurvedic medicine as well as in traditional Chinese medicine. Researchers became curious about this compound when they noticed that people that had both been exposed to coronavirus and who took supplements or drank tea from licorice root did not become infected with the virus.

According to an article in Thailand Medical News “more than 83 published researched papers showing the effectiveness of various phytochemicals contained in Licorice Roots against the then SARS virus. Unfortunately many of that research had only begun during the Post-SARS period and the interests died down in about 2012. It would be great if research entities and also pharma companies around the world picked up on those research and started conducting more detailed research fast with regards to the new coronavirus strain called 2019-nCoV or the commonly referred to as the ‘Wuhan Virus’.

Glycyrrhizin hampers the growth of other viruses too, including herpes, and helps restore liver function in patients with hepatitis C. It is currently being assessed as a treatment for HIV infection, as it slows the replication of the virus in cultured cells.

But until effective treatments are found, or a vaccine developed, everyone should practice the standard precautions of washing and sanitizing hands often, maintaining hygiene and staying away from those infected. Also to maintain one’s immunity, eat well and eat healthy foods, rest and sleep well and exercise. In addition, detailed tests with various disinfection solutions showed that agents based on ethanol, hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite or ozone are effective against coronaviruses.

But before starting to take licorice root supplements or tea, please note that there are also some very adverse side effects associated with licorice root supplementation and it can be dangerous and even fatal for those with underlying chronic diseases. Be sure to go to the full page on licorice root to learn more.

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